Information for citizens

Emergency call (103) for people with hearing and speaking disabilities
(029) 177-15-38

For the reception of calls for medical help from citizens with hearing and speaking disabilities within Minsk an SMS direct access telephone line was opened at the Operational Department of the City Emergency Station Healthcare Institution from August 01, 2008. Massages are accepted twenty four - seven from any mobile numbers. It is recommended to indicate the main complaints, last name, age, exact address of an emergency call (street, apartment building number, apartment number, floor, door code) in a message shortly.

Emergency medical service medical adviser
(017) 294-23-71
We are ready to answer any of your questions twenty four - seven

Hotline of the Emergency Medical Service

Hotline of the Healthcare Committee
(017) 285-00-10

Monday-Thursday from 9.00 a.m. to 17.30 p.m. (lunch break from 13.00 p.m. to 14.00 p.m.), Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 16.30 p.m. Monday-Thursday from 17.30 p.m. to 20.00 p.m., Friday from 16.30 p.m. to 20.00 p.m., telephone: (017)294-11-04

Trust line of the City Emergency Station
(8-017) 290-43-98


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